Molded sample spec sheets

February 28, 2010 Rubber materials

These data sheets outline physical properties, heat aging, liquid effects, and compression modulus (based on ISO7743) for the material samples included in our Sample Kit. They are a selection of standard compounds we use everyday to make your custom rubber parts.

Sample Kit – 2012 Rev. 0

# Materials Duro Vicone Compound Special features & Specifications
1 SILICONE 20 VicoSil™ 0591EK USP Class VI, Platinum cured, RoHS approved
2 SILICONE (VMQ) 30 VicoSil™ C403Q UL94 V0 compliant, Nitex mesh center, RoHS compliant
3 SILICONE (PVMQ) 40 VicoSil™ C204Q Extreme low temperature Silicone (-116°C), RoHS approved
4 SILICONE 50 VicoSil™ KC605Q Anti-fungal Grade 1 (GB/T 2423.16-2008), RoHS approved
5 EPDM 60 VicoSeal™ C306E FDA compliant, RoHS approved
6 EPDM 90 VicoSeal™ 909E Peroxide cured, RoHS approved
7 FKM (VITON®) 60 VicoFluor™ 106F RoHS approved
8 FLUOROSILICONE 50 VicoFluor™ C105LF MIL-DTL-25988C Type 2, Class 2, Grade 50 compliant, RoHS approved
9 NITRILE 70 VicoSeal™ 617N Nitrile vulcanized to SS304, RoHS approved
10 NATURAL RUBBER 30 VicoSeal™ 003R Natural rubber vulcanized to yellow anodized steel, RoHS approved
11 NEOPRENE 60 VicoSeal™ 106C Self-extinguishing, RoHS approved
12 NYLON 6/6 R118 VicoPoly™ 54A/PA66 Flame retardant UL 94 V2/1.5mm

Durometer Sample Kit – 2012 and prior

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