High Quality Custom Molded Parts

Over 15 years of experience in the custom design and production of molded seals and gaskets for companies and industries around the world.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Today’s rapidly changing environment requires a nimble approach. That is precisely what sets us apart. Regardless of your industry, the complexity of your requirements, your material preferences or the dimensions of your rubber parts, we aim to deliver optimal performance.

Custom molded parts

Always made in the material that is best suited to your application, our rubber molded parts are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your industry’s needs.


Large or miniature, complex or simple, get custom bumpers that are suited for your application. Protect your application from excessive use or the elements.


Our made to order wire grommets will keep your electrical equipment clean and dry, regardless of the environment.


Flexible and versatile bellows custom-made to your industrial application’s requirements. Get efficient protection from dust, moisture, oils, chemicals, UV rays or other environmental elements.

Enclosure Seals

Specifically designed for easy installation and assembly, our custom designed and manufactured enclosure seals can also keep out electromagnetic interference.


Whatever you might have hatched up, we can help make sure it stays safe and dry. Our custom hatch seals can be made to order, and sliced to the size you need for quick and easy installation.


Quality custom-molded protectors spanning different industries and applications. Protect your application from excessive use or the elements.

Vibration Dampers

We can provide the right type of mount for your vibration control application. Control noise, shock and vibration efficiently.

What's your application?

Large or small, complex or simple, our custom molded rubber parts are suited for diverse industries and applications. Contact us today to discuss your design and production needs.

Rubber materials

Let us help you select the rubber material best suited for your application. We’ll take into consideration the expected level of performance as well as the material’s inherent properties and recommended usage.


Silicone is one of the most versatile rubber compounds due to its stable insulating properties under extreme temperatures, considerable flexibility and compression set resistance.

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EPDM offers excellent resistance to aging, ozone, changing weather conditions, and certain chemicals.

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Fluoroelastomer offers the widest range of fluid and chemical resistance of any commercial rubber. It can be used with various amounts of fluorine content.

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Neoprene is a versatile and flame-resistant material, making it ideal for certain industries.

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Fluorosilicone rubber is an inorganic “hybrid” elastomer that combines the wide temperature range of silicone with some of the chemical resistance of fluorocarbon rubber.

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Natural rubber

Natural rubber is fairly easy to process, has excellent tensile, elongation and tear and abrasion resistance.

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Nitrile rubber is best suited for applications where resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals is required.

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Manufacturing capabilities

Get high-quality molded parts at competitive pricing. We have an established partner network. And we know rubber inside out. So we are in a unique position to recommend the best molding process (injection, compression or transfer) to balance quality and price. We can also supply:

  • Rubber to metal
  • Tight tolerance (A1)
  • Prototyping
  • Rubber to mesh (filter)
  • Logos
  • Colours
  • Kitting
  • Surface finish options

There are vendors and then there are partners. We strive to offer you more than a transactional relationship. Whether you’re a designer, engineer, procurement professional or business executive, you can count on us as an extension of your team.

Conception and Design
Don’t underestimate the power of great design. Our team of experts can help you avoid common design mistakes and can recommend the most suitable materials for optimal performance. The best designs lower costs, drive innovation, minimize waste, reduce the impact on the environment and improve usability.

Reduce your production lead times with our in-house extrusion manufacturing capabilities. Alternatively, our global partner network can also help you increase your supply chain agility and flexibility. We supply rubber materials such as silicone, EPDM, neoprene, fluorosilicone and other specialty compounds, for all kinds of different industries.

Let us complement the strengths of your designers and engineers. By combining our knowledge of rubber properties and design expertise, we often manage to significantly reduce waste and cycle time without sacrificing quality. This approach paves the way to continuous improvement, which ultimately provides you with a competitive edge.


Since we opened in 2004, we have been supporting manufacturers in their product development process, from concept to production. Our know-how spans across various industries, including electronics and telecommunications, transport, medical, and fitness and play equipment.

Mass Transit

Our custom-made seals, gaskets and profiles for the public transportation industry meet the most stringent safety regulations and standards.

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Get top-quality seals for automotive and specialty vehicles that meet industry standards and perform in the most challenging environments.

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Demanding healthcare applications require high-performance custom rubber parts made of silicone and other elastomeric materials.

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Electronics and Telecommunications

Custom seals are often the best solution to protect electrical components from inclement weather while meeting conductivity requirements.

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Rest assured that our lighting gaskets and seals offer you maximum protection against heat build-up and various weather conditions.

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New and innovative products often require custom rubber parts that perform well in challenging environments.

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Fitness and play equipment

Count on us to supply custom-molded parts that hold up to repeated use and are UV fade-resistant. Best of all, they’ll feature your logo and preferred colours.

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Food & Beverage

All our gaskets are custom-manufactured to your specific requirements in your FDA food grade or other material choices.

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Why you’ll love working with us

At Vicone, we thrive on challenges. Benefit from our rubber engineering experience and find solutions made just for you. But it’s really our can-do attitude and fast turnaround times that keep our clients coming back.


Your project needs and specifications will determine the best molding process to create the perfect part for your application. We offer rubber injection molding, compression molding and transfer molding.

Experienced designers and engineers

Think collaborative problem solving. By letting us become an extension of your team, we can truly put our 20 years of experience at your service. Let’s discuss what our ingenuity can do for you.

Shorter lead times

Turnaround times for custom seals vary from days to weeks. And they have a huge impact on inventory costs. Shorter lead times are also a great advantage when you’re dealing with unpredictable demand forecasting.

Easy to do business with

It doesn’t have to be hard. And with Vicone, frankly, it isn’t. You’ll find us proactive, flexible, dependable and true to our word. The unpredictable nature of custom work demands nothing less than our best effort.

Over 15 years in the business

With Vicone, not only do you get quality products, custom-made for your application and delivered on time, but a team you can rely on.

Let's start a conversation

You need custom rubber parts? Tell us about your project and we’ll explain how we can help.