Rubber materials

Each rubber material has specific properties. Rely on our expertise to decide which type is best suited for your intended use.

We can work with the following materials

Let us help you select the rubber material best suited for your application. We’ll tell you the exact factors you need to take into consideration when working with silicone, EPDM, neoprene, or other elastomers.


Silicone is one of the most versatile rubber compounds due to its stable insulating properties under extreme temperatures, considerable flexibility and compression set resistance. >More details


EPDM offers excellent resistance to aging, ozone, changing weather conditions, and certain chemicals. >More details


Neoprene is a versatile and flame-resistant material, making it ideal for certain industries. >More details


Fluoroelastomer offers the widest range of fluid and chemical resistance of any commercial rubber. It can be used with various amounts of fluorine content. >More details


Nitrile rubber is best suited for applications where resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals is required. >More details

Natural rubber

Natural rubber is fairly easy to process, has excellent tensile, elongation and tear and abrasion resistance. >More details


Fluorosilicone rubber is an inorganic “hybrid” elastomer that combines the wide temperature range of silicone with some of the chemical resistance of fluorocarbon rubber. >More details

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With Vicone, not only do you get quality products, custom-made for your application and delivered on time, but a team you can rely on.

Custom rubber extrusions

Our extruded gaskets and seals are all tailor-made for your application. We support you from design to full production.

Custom molded rubber parts

We produce molded parts for all kinds of requirements. With our expertise at your fingertips, you won’t need to sacrifice quality over price.