The Advantages of Silicone Seals to Build a Sustainable Future

June 17, 2024 Glass/Glazing

The glass and glazing industry is undergoing a significant shift towards sustainable construction practices. As a glazier, you're increasingly called upon to deliver insulation solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing performance.

Silicone seals are a key to achieving these goals. Here’s an overview of their sustainability advantages.

1. Unmatched airtightness

Creating an airtight building envelope is crucial for energy conservation. Silicone seals excel in this area, forming an impenetrable barrier around windows, doors, and curtain walls.

Proper air sealing with silicone can significantly reduce air leakage, leading to substantial energy savings on heating and cooling costs.

This reduction in air leakage translates to significant cost reductions for your clients and a smaller carbon footprint for the environment.

2. Enhanced thermal performance

The superior flexibility of silicone allows for the use of multi-pane insulating glass units (IGUs) in curtain walls. These IGUs, with their trapped air spaces, act as highly effective thermal barriers.

Without the exceptional movement accommodation capabilities of silicone gaskets, these advanced IGUs wouldn't be possible.

3. Watertight Protection

Water infiltration is a major concern for building health. It can lead to moisture damage, mold growth, and the need for energy-intensive dehumidification.

Silicone gaskets play a critical role in preventing these issues by maintaining a watertight seal, protecting the building itself and conserving energy and resources throughout its lifespan.

4. Material Efficiency

The remarkable flexibility of silicone enables the use of thinner, lighter framing materials, particularly in curtain walls.

This means less material overall, which is good for the environment – less stuff to extract, process and transport. Plus, it can save you money on your project!

5. Durability

Silicone's exceptional durability allows it to withstand extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and harsh weather conditions without compromising performance. This translates to a significantly extended lifespan for windows, curtain walls, and other building components using silicone gaskets.

As a result, fewer replacements are needed, minimizing environmental impact through reduced material use and energy consumption throughout the building's life cycle. This not only benefits sustainability but also offers significant cost savings over time.

6. The ideal material for retrofits

Older buildings often suffer from significant air leakage. Silicone seals offer a cost-effective solution to improve their energy performance without requiring major renovations.

This extends the lifespan of existing structures while making them more sustainable – a win-win for building owners and the environment, promoting responsible building practices.

7. Silicone’s end of life

The benefits of silicone extend beyond the building itself. Unlike many other seals, silicone can be reused and even remanufactured at the end of a building's life cycle.

Additionally, silicone-bonded components are easier to dismantle, minimizing construction waste and further contributing to a more circular economy, aligning with the growing focus on sustainable resource management within the construction industry.

The bottom line: Silicone contributes to a more sustainable future

Silicone seals are more than just a construction material; they're a key to a more sustainable future for the glass and glazing industry.

By embracing their potential, you're contributing to a more responsible and resource-efficient built environment. So, the next time you choose sealing solutions, remember – you're wielding a powerful tool for a more sustainable future, shaping the industry towards a more environmentally conscious approach.

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