Case Study - Industrial - Durabac

April 2, 2009 Case Studies

Durabac is a Quebec-based manufacturer and exporter of waste management solutions. In addition to balers, karts and hoppers, the company’s product lines include compactors (stationary and self-contained) and containers (metal and polyethelene).

The problem
All of Durabac’s high quality products promise maximum performance and minimum maintenance. When refuse is wet, keeping that promise means water-tight compactor doors and containers. Proper seals ensure clean operation, odour control and spillage protection for the operator, area and the environment. Poor seals are bad for business.

After Durabac received customer complaints of leaks and loose seals in their trash compactors, they discovered that the problem was two-fold. “First of all, standard pure gum rubber stripping comes in a rectangular shape that had to be machined to fit our compactors and containers,” explains Durabac’s buyer Stephane Lacasse, “Secondly, our various products used different gaskets. And whenever you lack a uniform assembly process, it’s harder to control quality.”

Vicone approached Durabac and offered to help. In ten days, Vicone accurately assessed the problem, proposed a viable solution and delivered an AutoCAD design for a custom-designed low durometer neoprene seal. How effective was the proposed solution?

Vicone’s new gaskets stopped the leaks, shortened production time, led to greater quality control and resulted in cost savings of $10,000 per year.

“We delivered a more effective solution at a lower cost,” reports Vicone’s President Eric Leclair, “But we were also able to help Durabac to enhance overall efficiency. Our team went to their facility and showed them how to properly assemble and install the gaskets themselves. This saves production time and allows Durabac to respond even faster to requests for custom products that cannot be pre-manufactured.”

Durabac wanted a new gasket for a specific application. Vicone’s solution proved to be more universal.

“The new seal was effective on our other products as well, so we standardized it,” states Lacasse, “Using one seal on multiple products allowed us to dedicate one employee to cut and assemble gaskets on each container. Now our production runs more smoothly and our product quality has improved considerably. Plus we’re saving $2,000 per year in labour costs and $8,000 a year in materials.”

No more problems. No more customer complaints.

“We used to have problems that we just don’t have to worry about anymore. Leaks are gone. Our seals are tight. We haven’t had any complaints since we switched to Vicone’s solution,” offers Lacasse, “Even our clients have noticed the difference. We’ve had customers ask if they could purchase the new seals for their older products and Vicone made us samples to send to them.”

“Vicone definitely impressed us. They developed the ideal solution, gave us what we needed to make an informed choice, delivered on time every time and consistently showed that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.”

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