September 24, 2019 Glass/Glazing

Glass Build America is truly a great event to connect and learn for everything and all in the glass and fenestration industries. This edition was once again a great success and here are a few trends on the commercial side that we came across both on the floor and during the education and demos.

We continue to see lots of innovation in glass technologies. Some of these technologies have reached the market and are changing the architectural glass and glazing landscape. Think of high-performance jumbo glass, vacuum insulated glass (VIG), special coatings and acoustics. Sustainability, use of high-performance materials and aesthetics are at the forefront of trends.

Bigger and smarter
Hard to miss this. We have been seeing more super-jumbo glass panels in buildings, as architects have been specifying and using them more in new designs.

Beautifully curved jumbo panels offering energy efficiency are now available. Larger panels give a building not only an undeniable aesthetic value, but they also offer the well documented positive effects of natural daylight for its occupants as well as comfort and energy performance with sophisticated coatings and acoustics, making for a work environment that is increasingly sought.

Greener and greener
While green building isn’t exactly a new trend, it seems to be almost fully integrated into manufacturers new product lines and innovations. Sustainability is becoming the industry standard. This significatively affects glass types, material selection, thermal efficiency, longevity, and environmental friendliness at the top of the list.

For example, PVC seals are being replaced by seals made from EPDM and silicone and other higher performance, longer lasting materials, with important considerations like thermal and UV-resistant properties added to the mix. The need for sustainable curtain wall construction will more often require VIG systems and structural silicone glazing. All these make a big difference in the overall curtain wall systems and building facades performance.


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